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Revive Your Trademark
*Starting at $149 plus gov. filing fees
If your trademark abandoned you must act quickly to revive it or it will be lost forever. A trademark abandons when you fail to respond to an Office Action or do not timely file a Statement of Use completing the registration of your trademark. Accordingly, to revive your trademark you must both file a Petition to Revive as well as resolve the underlying issue (e.g., respond to the Office Action or file a retroactive extension of time to file a Statement of Use) which caused the abandonment. It now critical to have the experience of TTC Business Solutions on your side.

We’ve Revived Thousands of Abandoned Trademarks that abandoned due to a failure to respond to an Office Action or to file a Statement of Use.
✔ Created by Attorneys who Worked in the Revival Section at the USPTO with inside knowledge as to the guaranteed way to revive your trademark.
Lifetime Customer Support guiding your trademark through every step of the registration process.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Not sure why your trademark abandoned? Give us a call at (888) 892-3040 for a Free Consultation.  You can also use our Contact Us form to have one of our Trademark Registration Specialists contact you to answer any questions you have.

“TTC was three-times faster, one-third the cost, and provided a far superior customer experience than working one-on-one with an attorney. I will use TTC for all my trademark needs going forward!”

-Pat B., Wyoming

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